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The Center for Social Justice (CSJ) and New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI) released a report, Discharge, Deportation, and Dangerous Journeys: A Study on the Practice of Medical Repatriation, documenting an alarming number of cases in which U.S. hospitals have forcibly repatriated vulnerable undocumented patients, who are ineligible for public insurance as a result of their immigration status, in an effort to cut costs.


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Equal Justice Clinic


Professor: Jenny-Brooke Condon

Offered: Fall & Spring semesters

Credits: 5


The Equal Justice Clinic handles a variety of cases addressing civil and human rights with a primary focus on ensuring disadvantaged groups equal access to justice. Through impact litigation and advocacy, the clinic typically addresses issues involving immigrants’ rights, prisoners’ rights, and ethnic and gender-based discrimination. Current cases include a class action lawsuit challenging on equal protection grounds New Jersey’s denial of State-funded Medicaid to lawful permanent residents on the basis of their alienage; co-counseling in a death-penalty case in Alabama on behalf of an indigent client seeking post-conviction relief; prisoners’ rights litigation challenging unconstitutional conditions of confinement at the Passaic County Jail; and a project examining the impact of expansive, new FBI surveillance powers on innocent individuals and communities, particularly Muslims targeted by the FBI without suspicion of wrong doing.


The clinical experience also includes a one-credit seminar that meets once a week for two hours and covers the substantive areas of law involved in the cases the clinic is handling.


In addition to the general clinic pre-requisites, consideration will also be given to the student's prior experience, interest in the subject area and a demonstrated commitment to public interest law.