Entertainment & Sports Law Society (ESLS)   

The Entertainment and Sports Law Society (ESLS) at Seton Hall University School of Law exists as a forum for students to learn about the entertainment and sports legal industries. Through participation in ESLS, members have the chance to establish valuable networking contacts in two industries that are notoriously difficult to break into.

ESLS has evolved along with the technologies of the 21st century and regularly debates legal issues involving performance rights, licensing, copyright in the new millennium, trademark infringement, and many others. ESLS now holds both educational and social events for its members, including trips to recording studios, sports games, academic lectures and events, and networking receptions. Additionally, members participate as an organization in other school events such as the flag football tournament and March Madness.

ESLS also passes along information to all members on other opportunities in the field and works closely with the Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law to plan events and share contacts.

Board Members

Co-Vice President of Sports - Nick Adzima - Nicholas.Adzima@student.shu.edu & Zach Hansen Zachary.Hansen@student.shu.edu
Vice President of Entertainment - Stephanie Beach - Stephanie.Beach@student.shu.edu
Secretary - Nicole Allocca - Nicole.Allocca@student.shu.edu
Treasurer - Randy Pearce - Randy.Pearce@student.shu.edu
PR Director - Michael Cort - Michael.Cort@student.shu.edu