Introduction to Corporate Law

Division of Online Learning

  • Business Planning
  • Limited Liability
  • Business Structures
  • LLC
  • Corporate Governance
  • Partnership
  • Agency Law
  • Startup
  • Principal and Agent
  • Corporation
  • Fiduciary
  • Vicarious Liability

Learn to:

  1. Identify the basic legal issues that arise in starting, operating, and terminating a business

  2. Evaluate the legal obligations of agents, partners, and corporate officers and directors

  3. Propose terms to be incorporated into articles, agreements, or bylaws to solve particular business or organizational problems

This corporate law class exposes students to the organization and operation of business enterprises, including the various forms of business entities, which entity to use in a particular situation, and basic legal issues that arise throughout the lifecycle of a business. Students discuss the roles of shareholders, directors, and officers in the development or termination of a business, as well as the legal obligations of agents, partners, corporate officers and directors. At the conclusion of the corporate law course, students will have a broad understanding of a variety of business enterprises from multiple points of view.

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