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Why online education?

Many individuals want to learn about the legal aspects of their professions but cannot realistically commit to spending time attending live classes on a set schedule. Our students find that earning their online Master’s degree in law is flexible and convenient, as it allows them to complete coursework anywhere and anytime. Students also enjoy the interactivity and individualized feedback available through an online educational experience.

Seton Hall Law's online programs are ideal for students who are unable to attend on-site classes due to demanding schedules. Through our online programs you will be able to create your own schedule and complete your coursework wherever it is most convenient for you. As an online law school student in our Master's Degree or Certificate programs you will study under the same instructors and benefit from the same challenging coursework as you would by attending classes on campus.

"It helps me to manage my life but also to stay very much on track with the course material. The eight-week course structure helps me find that balance between work life and accademics."

ROSEMARIE, Senior Director Risk Management & Quality Assurance, MSJ '16
- Health and Hospital Law

Seton Hall Law offers an intellectually rigorous yet collegial environment that promotes high academic standards while fostering strong relationships between students and faculty. Our faculty is comprised of dynamic, nationally respected and highly accessible mentors who focus on ensuring each student's success.

For more information about our online graduate programs, or to speak with a Seton Hall Law representative about which programs would be the best fit for you in light of your experience and interests, please call us at 973-642-8482, email us at [email protected] or contact us by filling out the form to the right on this page. We can answer any questions you have about completing a master's degree from Seton Hall law school online, and help you create a plan that works for you.


" Because of where I was in my life and in my career, I knew a JD program was not the right fit for me, but the MSJ program would offer the opportunity to learn about the law and study in an academically rigorous (but supportive) environment. "

Justin Hendrickson, MSJ '16

Manager of Lending

Motion Federal Credit Union


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