Why Legal Studies?

MAKE AN IMPACT on a schedule that works with your own.

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An Increasing Need for Legal Knowledge

Legal studies degrees are not reserved exclusively for lawyers. Historically, legal studies programs were especially useful to people working in specific, highly-regulated industries. Our first M.S.J. offering in 1997 was tailored to professionals already working in the pharmaceutical industry. Now, almost 25 years later, nearly every industry is exposed to greater legal regulations and many employees find themselves in legal-adjacent roles.

Seton Hall Law’s response to this change was to make our MSJ relevant and available to anyone, regardless of work or industry experience. We offer students a general legal studies option  where students are exposed to multiple and varied legal topics, or the opportunity to concentrate in one of six industry-specific areas.

"I attended Seton Hall Law’s open house for the M.S.J. program and I thought, this is exactly what I need. And I was thrilled they offered a dual concentration in Health Law and IP Law..."

Neal Sailer, Global Product Patrimony Management, Renal & Biosurgery Sanofi US, Cambridge, Massachusetts, MSJ '06
- Health Law and Intellectual Property

What Do You Learn in an Online Legal Studies Program?

The curriculum covers a range of legal topics, including things like contracts, privacy laws, constitutional law and business law fundamentals. Beyond that, our graduates repeatedly reflect on the skills they acquired during their studies, such as how to conduct sound legal analysis, how to write with improved structure and clarity, how to better communicate with coworkers (especially legal departments), and how to approach problems with a different perspective. So, the study of the law is the instrument through which you expand your skill sets. You’ll graduate with the ability to apply those skills to any job you hold or seek.

Whether you are currently working in a role experiencing this legal influence, or are just starting out and want to make an immediate impression, a degree in legal studies deserves your careful consideration. You can pursue our online legal studies degree on a part-time basis and make an impact on a schedule that works with your own.

For more information about our online graduate programs, or to speak with a Seton Hall Law representative about which programs would be the best fit for you in light of your experience and interests, please call us at 973-642-8482, email us at [email protected] or contact us by filling out the form to the right on this page. We can answer any questions you have about completing a master's degree from Seton Hall law school online, and help you create a plan that works for you.

Same degree, different name.

In 2022, Seton Hall Law School renamed its Master of Science in Jurisprudence degree (MSJ) to the Master of Legal Studies degree (MLS). Students of the master’s program at Seton Hall law School who earned their degree before 2023 graduated with a Master of Science in Jurisprudence (MSJ). Students who begin the program in the fall of 2022 or after will graduate with a Master of Legal Studies (MLS). Read more about the name change.

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