The Office of Student Services

Information for Students

The Office of Student Services oversees a wide range of programs and activities from Orientation to Commencement, but our purpose is singular and focused in nature – to provide guidance and support when you need it and to enrich your experience as a Seton Hall Law student. We take your academic success and personal and Spiritual well-being as seriously as you do. If you have a housing need, a medical concern, or an academic inquiry, the Office of Student Services can help. Want to connect with Counseling or Disability Support resources? We can help you take the next step. Want to expand your learning beyond the classroom? We oversee more than 30 student organizations and also can help if you have an idea for a special program or event. Need to improve your academic skills? We can connect you to our Academic Success Program. We also provide academic counseling to help you improve your grades. Have a question about student health insurance or how to publicize a law school event? We can provide you with answers. We also want to hear your ideas and suggestions.

At Seton Hall Law, we strive to maintain a supportive, nurturing community where you can succeed academically and gain the skills to move forward in your career as a lawyer. The services we provide are an important part of our culture. We have created this website to assist you, and hope that you will be able to use it as a tool throughout your law school journey. Please visit us whenever you need assistance, have a question, or would just like to talk!

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Professional counselors from University’s Counseling Services are available to meet with students at the Law School Tuesday to Thursday by appointment or at the Seton Hall University Campus in South Orange five days a week. Emergency services are available 24/7.

CAPS also provides assistance with alcohol and other addictions. In addition to individual counseling, group workshops are held throughout the year on matters such as handling stress, time management, and LGBTQI+ support. Students are encouraged to use these services to help them cope with the problems and stress of law school as well as any personal issues they may encounter.

To schedule an appointment, contact the University Counseling Services office at 973-761-9500. Services are free and confidential.

New Jersey Lawyer Assistance Program provides free confidential services for law students with alcohol, drug and gambling issues. Please contact NJLAP at 1-800-24-NJLAP (246-5527).

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Toolkit for Law Schools & Law Students provides information on substance abuse and mental health, previously developed by the CoLAP Law School Assistance Committee and the ABA Law Students Division. Access areas of interest, pertinent articles and links to further resources here.

For other assistance, please feel free to stop by the Office of Student Services, or contact Andrea Cascarano, Assistant Dean for Student Services at 973-642-8523, or contact Father Nicholas Gengaro, the Law School Chaplain, at 973-642-8859.


The Chaplain's Office may not seem large within the constellation of a top-notch law school. Yet in unseen—but powerful—ways a healthy and vibrant spiritual environment supplies the sturdy framework within which students, faculty, administration, and staff can thrive in their faith and the study and teaching of the law. As a Catholic institution, Seton Hall seeks to provide a home for the mind, heart, and spirit. The mission of the Chaplain’s Office is to assist with the growth, rejuvenation, and refreshment of the spirit not only for Catholics but for people of all faiths.

Pastoral counseling, guidance in matters moral and spiritual, and meetings with students on an informal basis are important components of our ministry. My office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You also can make an appointment with me by contacting my office at 973-642-8511 or [email protected].

Along with the Chaplain’s Office, Seton Hall Law provides a diverse range of offerings to assist students with the development of their spiritual life. Our hope is that here you will find a place where your faith may flourish within the serenity of a supportive spiritual community.

Father Nicholas Gengaro

Disability Support and Accommodations

Disability Support Services (DSS) provides students with disabilities equal access to all Seton Hall University programs and activities, while raising campus-wide awareness of issues impacting this student population. DSS works collaboratively with academic departments and student affairs offices to engage and support the intellectual and social development of students with disabilities. To this end, DSS employs policies and programing to promote academic excellence, the development of self-advocacy skills, and increased student leadership opportunities.

Seton Hall University coordinates reasonable accommodations and services for undergraduate, graduate and professional students with documented disabilities in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments of 2008, and the New Jersey Law against Discrimination (NJLAD). Disabilities including but not limited to:

  1. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  2. Learning Disabilities
  3. Chronic Medical Conditions
  4. Psychological Disabilities
  5. Traumatic Brain Injuries
  6. Mobility Disabilities
  7. Hearing Disabilities
  8. Vision Disabilities
  9. Temporary Injuries & Medical Conditions

Any student who requires accommodations is encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Support Services as soon as possible, as it may take two to three weeks for requests to be reviewed and accommodations to be put in place.

The timeline may be expedited on a case-by-case basis for students who sustain temporary or sudden injuries.

If you are unable to submit a timely request, you are not precluded from applying for accommodations for a subsequent semester.

Please visit the DSS website for information on how to register, including the required forms and documentation guidelines:

Temporary Impairment or Disability

Students may suffer from acute conditions or injuries that require accommodation. The Assistant Dean for Student Services, in consultation with the Office of Disability Support, may grant reasonable accommodations for such circumstances. If the impairment is known sufficiently in advance of exams, students should apply for such accommodations within the enumerated timeframe. A request for accommodations due to temporary impairment should be supported by a physician's documentation.

To make an appointment to meet with Dean Cascarano, please call 973-642-8707.

For more information, contact Disability Support Services:

Disability Support Services (DSS)
Seton Hall University
Duffy Hall Room 67
400 South Orange Ave.
South Orange, NJ 07079
Phone: 973-313-6003
Fax: 973-761-9185
[email protected]