Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of tuition and fees?

To assist students with law school costs, Seton Hall Law offers financial assistance to students based on financial need and academic merit. A full breakdown of tuition costs and fees can be found here.

Does Seton Hall Law Offer Scholarships?

Yes. Beginning with the Summer 2024 semester, first-time applicants to the Master of Legal Studies degree may apply for the MLS Student Scholarship which has been established to assist MLS students who demonstrate either superior academic excellence or demonstrated financial need. Scholarship awards may cover up to 25% of tuition. Students may retain the scholarship by maintaining a minimum GPA each semester and remaining in good financial standing with Seton Hall Law School. Seton Hall Law School reserves the right to amend scholarship policies or awards.

Only first-time enrollees in the MLS program at Seton Hall Law School will be considered and they must demonstrate:

  1. Acceptance to the MLS program at Seton Hall Law School,
  2. Submission of a FAFSA application, and
  3. Submission of the MLS Student Scholarship application, resume and a 500-word essay.

All required documents must be submitted by the application deadline. The deadlines are as follows:

  1. fall semester - August 1,
  2. spring semester – December 1, and
  3. summer semester – May 1.
  4. Late applications will not be accepted.


In 2022, Seton Hall Law School renamed its Master of Science in Jurisprudence degree (MSJ) to the Master of Legal Studies degree (MLS). This change was made in response to feedback from alumni, current and prospective students, as well as changes in market data.

Seton Hall Law was a pioneer in offering legal master’s degrees for non-lawyers who sought a degree for professional enhancement in highly regulated fields; the first class began in 1997.  Without peers, we believed at that time that the MSJ name was most fitting for our legal studies curriculum.  As many other schools have followed our lead, however, it has become apparent that the MLS designation has become the industry standard.  By changing the name, we expect that our degree will be more easily recognized by employers/human resources departments. Additionally, the plain language of “Legal Studies” strongly reflects the law-guided nature of the jobs most graduates perform upon graduation. It also embodies the practical nature of the skills acquired and abilities of the graduates upon completion of the program.

The name change comes on the heels of the launch of our improved, flexible approach to concentrations.  In order to empower our students to meet the rapidly changing demands of the professional world, we have broadened the scope of the concentrations for the General Legal Studies track that became part of the catalog of programs in 2021.

Students of the master’s program at Seton Hall law School who earned their degree before 2023 will graduate with a Master of Science in Jurisprudence (MSJ). All other students, regardless of start date, will graduate with a Master of Legal Studies (MLS).

How do online courses work?

For our Master of Science in Law and Graduate Certificate courses, students "attend" class by accessing the virtual course classroom (Blackboard) and completing assignments according to the class schedule. Students communicate regularly with the instructor and classmates via e-mail and online discussion forums. Students are required to complete assignments according to the course schedule, to maintain regular contact with the instructor, and to participate in online discussions.

Can I start and complete an online course whenever I want?

No. Our online law courses begin and end on set dates. Students enrolled in online law programs take courses in small groups, with assignments due on specified dates. However, students maintain the flexibility to decide when, within each week, they will study their course materials and participate online.

Do I have to be online at a certain time each day or week?

No, but you are required to stay on schedule with assignments and log in to Blackboard multiple times per week. You have the flexibility of choosing the time of day or night you want to log on to the Internet to work on an assignment, but you must complete your assignments and turn them in (through Blackboard) by the specified date and time.

What skills do I need to complete an online course?

As a student enrolled in our Graduate Certificate or Master of Science in Law program, you need a basic familiarity with computers and the Internet. You do not need to be an expert in computing. You must be comfortable using word processing software (e.g., MS Word), know how to use an Internet browser (e.g., Internet Explorer), and know how to communicate via e-mail.

You also need to be disciplined as an online learner and committed to your online law courses, as you are responsible for keeping up with the course schedule and submitting your assignments on time.

Can I take only one course?

Yes. Students do not need to enroll in the Graduate Certificate or MLS Degree to take a course. Academic credit will still be earned with one course, and can be applied toward a certificate or degree if a student chooses to enroll at a later date.

How much time per week will online courses take?

Generally, students should plan to spend between 3-4 hours per credit per week on online law courses, including reading assigned materials, viewing presentations online, participating in discussions, and completing writing projects.

How will I receive official communications from Seton Hall Law and my online course instructor?

Official communications will be sent via your Seton Hall email account and/or within the Blackboard system. It is very important for you to have access to your Seton Hall email account and to check it often.

Will my certificate or degree state that I earned it online?

No, certificates and degrees earned online are identical to those issued for campus-based programs. Distance education does not affect your certificate or degree.

Is Seton Hall Law School accredited?

Yes. This includes the online courses. Please view our official accreditations here.

What are the technical requirements?

All students need access to a computer and internet. Technical requirements can be viewed here. If you need help with PirateNet, your email or BlackBoard please Message Us (chat) on Teams at Technology Help, Text Us at 201-639-4020, or Email Us at [email protected].

Does Seton Hall Law School accept transfer credit?

Yes. Please view our official Transfer of Credit Policy.

Will any online credits earned transfer to the Juris Doctor (JD)?

No. Credits earned in the graduate certificate or the MLS program do not transfer into the JD program.

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