Student Life - Services and Information for Students

Student Life

A good portion of your time at Seton Hall Law School will be spent in classes, in the library reading, or at home studying, but it is important for you to make time for your other interests. As an aspiring attorney, you should learn now to achieve balance in your life. We encourage students to see a show at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, attend a New Jersey Devils hockey game or Seton Hall basketball games at the Prudential Center, go see a soccer game at the Red Bull Arena in nearby Harrison, take the PATH train into New York City and explore a museum - don't forget about what made you an interesting and well-rounded person before you came to law school. You are fortunate to have selected a law school with a very active student body. We encourage you to get involved in the student organizations and activities here that are geared toward your personal interests and professional goals.
Office of Student Services, 973-642-8707

Services and Information for Students

Identification Cards

Students will be contacted via email (from [email protected]) with instructions on how to submit a photo for their ID card. Anyone requiring a new or replacement ID card should contact Assistant Director, Colm McAuley at [email protected] or sign the ID replacement request sheet on the clipboard located at the security desk in the lobby. ID cards are required to be presented upon entrance into the Law School. Failure to produce same will require the student to produce an alternate form of identification, i.e. drivers' license and sign in on the students' sign-in sheet.

Your Seton Hall University Identification card acts just like a debit account on a declining balance system, also called Pirate's Gold. After depositing money into your Pirate's Gold account, you will be able to take advantage of the convenience of making purchases where the SHU ID is accepted without carrying cash! Students now have the ability to deposit any amount of money onto the ID cards and can completely manage their accounts online.

The Pirate’s Gold/SHU ID is accepted:

  1. Seton Hall Law School Bookstore
  2. Seton Hall Main Campus Bookstore and Dining Facilities

Need to:

  1. Make a Deposit
  2. Manage your Pirate's Gold Account
  3. Find more information on Pirate's Gold/Campus ID

Contact Information:

Ibiyemi Adesanya, Director of Campus ID
[email protected]

NJ Transit Discounted Tickets

All full-time students are eligible for discounted train and bus tickets. Learn more here.


Lockers are available for rent. Locker number, location, and combination will be assigned and can be obtained the first week of classes from the Office of Student Services. Students must be aware that lockers will be completely cleaned out, and contents discarded, at the end of each academic year. (Usually in late June.) Returning students, however, may opt to keep the locker they had from the previous year. Request a Locker here. 

School Closings

PirateAlert is used to notify the University community of emergency and campus closings.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are conveniently placed throughout the building. They are assigned for specific purposes. Students are requested to use boards only as designated, and to use push-pins or thumb tacks only. Nothing is to be posted on walls, or windows anywhere in the building. Items hung in non-designated areas will be promptly removed.  Items to be posted must first be approved by the Office of the Dean of Students. General information boards are available, and student organizations should use the board outside the student lounge.  Official information and notices from the offices of the deans, registrar, faculty, administration, etc. will be posted outside their respective offices. Information regarding events for the week will be posted on the calendar at the entrance of the cafeteria.

Lost and Found

Found articles should be turned over to the Security Officers located in the main lobby near the entrance to the law school.

Cafe Deni & Cafeteria Hours

Hours of operation for the Cafeteria and Cafe Deni are as follows (Summer, Fall & Spring)*:

Cafeteria [hours]

Monday-Thursday [11:30a.m. - 7:00p.m.]
Friday [11:30a.m. – 4:00p.m.]
Saturday-Sunday [Closed]

Cafe Deni [hours]

Monday-Friday [7:30a.m. - 4:00p.m.]
Saturday-Sunday [Closed]

*Schedule may change due to special events.


The law school provides 24 hour surveillance, through security guards who patrol the building on a regular basis. The security desk is located in the lobby of the law school and available at 973-642-8725. Students are urged to walk with companions during evening hours and to use the Seton Hall Law School complimentary shuttle service when returning to parking lots or to Newark railroad stations. For more information, view security topics listed below or contact Colm McAuley, Assistant Director, at 973-642-8252 (office).

To learn more about the Law School Public Safety's essential resources and procedures, please visit the Department of Public Safety's website

Shuttle Service for Students

The shuttle is available for students for transportation to locations in and about the greater downtown Newark vicinity. The shuttle is in operation seven days a week from 6:00pm-1:00am Eastern Daylight Time and from 5:00pm-1:00am Eastern Standard Time. To avail yourself of this service, notify the Security Officer on duty at the Central Security Desk who will then transmit this information to the shuttle driver. To request the shuttle driver to respond to your location in the downtown Newark vicinity, notify the Central Security Desk at either 973-642-8725/8130 and advise the Officer on duty of your location. It is recommended that you utilize this service when you are visiting and/or living in the greater downtown Newark vicinity.

Basic Street Safety Tips

It is of paramount importance that the safety and security of the entire Seton Hall Law School community is maintained at all times. Please review the below topics on how best to prepare yourself in the event of an emergency:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and trust your instincts. Listen and be aware of any unusual occurrence. Do not wear any device in your ear, i.e. I-Pod, Bluetooth while walking on the street. Keep your head up and observe your surroundings.
  2. Know where you’re going and the safest way to get there, especially when it is dark. Travel with someone else and travel in well lit areas.
  3. Have a plan of action in mind if confronted with a dangerous situation. Know the telephone numbers of the Police and Fire Departments, i.e. 911, 973-733-6000 (Police) and 973-733-7400 (Fire). The number for the Central Security Desk is 973-642-8725.
  4. Avail yourself to the shuttle service (more info on this) or take a taxi.
  5. Carry a whistle or some other type of noisemaker.
  6. Keep purses and packages secured tightly next to your body.
  7. Carry only what you need. Do not carry a large amount of cash and do not exhibit flashy jewelry.
  8. If you are being followed (or think so), let that person know you are being followed. Change directions and/or pick up your pace. Walk into the nearest public place and use a phone to summon for help.
  9. If you are assaulted or accosted, DO NOT RESIST. Try to remain calm and hand over to the assailant whatever he/she is looking for.
  10. If you have parked your vehicle in the street or the garage, take all items of value out of sight and place them in the trunk.

CLERY Act: Students' Right to Know

The Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act was signed into law in November 1990. In 1998, the law was amended and renamed the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Statistics Act, commonly called the Clery Act. This law mandates that institutions that receive Title IV federal funds disclose crime statistics for certain serious offenses that occurred on campus and in adjacent areas for the current and two previous calendar years. The purpose of this report is to provide current and prospective students, staff and faculty with campus safety information including crime statistics and procedures to follow to report a crime. This document was prepared within the Division of Student Services and is available for download. A paper copy of the report can be obtained upon request from the Department of Public Safety at the Public Safety Building, located next to the Ward Gate on the South Orange campus or you can also obtain a copy by contacting the Law School Department of Public Safety and Security at 973-642-8252. View the Campus Security and Fire Safety Report here.