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Dean Kathleen M. Boozang

Dean Kathleen M. Boozang

Welcome to Seton Hall Law

The Seton Hall Lawyer is special.

Starting the first day that students become part of the Seton Hall Law community and continuing throughout their entire careers, the Seton Hall lawyer lives by the values of integrity, loyalty, and engagement.  

These three values permeate the law school experience. They are reflected in our students’ relationships with their work, with each other, and with their professors. Integrity, loyalty and engagement also characterize the Seton Hall lawyer’s life-long relationship with the Law School and with fellow alumni, their commitment to their clients, and their passion for the causes they undertake.  The loyalty of the Seton Hall graduate is uncommonly strong and speaks volumes about who we are.

Seton Hall Law supports each student in finding her unique professional path, and then works to ensure that the student graduates into employment that will achieve his aspirations.  Seton Hall Law faculty and administration seek lifetime engagement, enabling and empowering graduates to achieve their professional goals, recognizing the limitless opportunities a Seton Hall Law degree offers. 

Some graduates pause their legal careers to become parents or to pursue other aspirations. We are here when the time comes to return to practice.  Others are excited by the worlds of entrepreneurship, consultancy, or compliance.  Seton Hall Law’s vast connections beyond the practice of law provide the network  and stepping stones to enable our graduates to make these transitions. Our graduates are found in all 50 states, and throughout the world. 

You can accomplish anything with a Seton Hall Law degree.  Welcome to the family.

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Kathleen M. Boozang
Dean and Professor of Law



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