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Jonathan Weisbrod '15

Jonathan Weisbrod '15: Law student, film producer

A graduate of NYU's Tisch School for the Arts, Weisbrod was attracted to the business side of show business

Film producer, screenwriter and Seton Hall Law student Jonathan Weisbrod '15 exemplifies how it is possible to attend law school without abandoning your passion. "I'm still involved in film. It's not something that I had to give up.”

Weisbrod earned his undergrad degree from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, majoring in Film and Television Production and graduating in only three years. At NYU, he was interested in the business side of film, from producing, negotiating and licensing. Since he graduated a year early, Weisbrod decided to use that opportunity to begin production on a feature film.

Weisbrod credits his visit to Seton Hall Law's Admitted Student's Day as one of the main reasons for deciding to attend Seton Hall. Once an admission's counselor learned that Weisbrod was interested in Intellectual Property, she directed him towards Professor Brenda Saunders, Faculty Director of the Entertainment Law Externship Program. After an enlightening conversation, Weisbrod was impressed with "the fact that I did not have to sacrifice my passion for film while attending law school."

Weisbrod's aunt, Ellen Lambert '91, also played a role in his decision to attend Seton Hall Law. Now the President of the PSEG Foundation as well as their Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Corporate Citizenship and Responsibility, Weisbrod witnessed her success in multiple sectors of law and wished to emulate the business side of her career. In fact, Lambert was taking Professor Franzese's Property Final exam at the same time Weisbrod was being born, and she hurried to the hospital afterward to greet him.

Unlike most law students who choose to relax before the rigors of law school, during the summer of 2012, Weisbrod began shooting his feature film, "Lies I Told My Little Sister." The summer was filled with hundreds of hours of negotiating, contracting and filming, “ Weisbrod said. "There was a lot of intellectual property law involved." Weisbrod had previous experience with IP law working at NBC Universal, MTV and Warner music Group.

A full-time law student and filmmaker, Weisbrod is also active in Seton Hall Law activities and recently won the national 2014 BMI/Cardozo Copyright Moot Court Competition along with his partner, Ashleigh Lewis '15. "While I knew that I wanted to practice entertainment law ultimately, he said, “I also wanted to choose a school that had great programs, like Seton Hall Law’s Interscholastic Moot Court Board.”

For Weisbrod, oral advocacy is an extremely important skill as much of what he does as a filmmaker centers around meeting and networking with industry representatives. In fact, Weisbrod is currently finalizing sales for his feature film and the feature films of others. His "Lies I Told My Little Sister," is a female-driven family film starring Lucy Walters, Ellen Foley, Alicia Minshew, and Donovan Patton. "Lies" is critically-acclaimed and received 11 film festival awards including three acting wins, nine acting nominations, a screenwriting win and a best directing nomination.

Heading into his final semester, Weisbrod is currently in post-production for "Bear with Us," a comedy-horror film he produced starring Christy Carlson Romano and Cheyenne Jackson. He is also representing indie drama "Skook" for domestic and international sale.