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In the Spotlight   

Alan Blankstein '15

New Compliance Skills Class: In Pursuit of Excellence

Students conduct audits, deconstruct internal investigations, and prepare and present their findings.

Professor Kathleen Boozang shaped Seton Hall Law’s Compliance Skills course to give students a firm grounding in the skills that comprise compliance as well as an understanding of the relationship between compliance and legal. Guest speakers included compliance officers, an internal auditor, procurement managers, consultants and attorneys, primarily from the financial services and life sciences sectors.

Students worked in teams to develop and implement audit plans, create and deliver a training session on anti-retaliation, create an RFP, and conduct an internal investigation. Simple exercises, such as assessing employees’ and students’ adherence to the University’s Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy, or the process of retaining a new vendor for an office building cafeteria, enabled students to begin to develop the skills essential to success in the compliance arena.

“The most valuable skill I gained was the ability to deliver a presentation to a group of professionals in a competent and intelligent manner,” said Alan Blankstein ’15 (pictured) of his experience in the Compliance Skills course. “It’s a challenge to turn your work product, such as an audit plan, into a digestible presentation. Professor Boozang calls on us to leave our comfort zone as we acquire skills we'll use in the workplace.”

“The Compliance Skills class provided students with an understanding of pharmaceutical marketing regulations, the ability to create and execute an audit plan, and strategies to provide effective compliance training on regulations in various health care settings,” commented Donna Hanrahan ’16, who will work in the Office of the Chief Counsel of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration this summer. “I will put these skills to use working with a complex federal regulations involving drugs and medical devices.”