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Milin Shah'15

Milin Shah ’15: A Star in Licensing

#SharkWeek: The brand manager for movie sensation "Sharknado" joins global licensing company Isaac Morris Ltd as Vice President of Licensing & Marketing

Milin Shah '15As the nation revels in Shark Week, at Seton Hall Law, there’s even more cause for celebration: Milin Shah ’15 was named a 2015 Rising Star by the International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association (LIMA). A global trade organization, LIMA hosts conferences and provides training for professionals within the licensing industry worldwide, while educating and raising awareness of the benefits of licensing within the business community.

"I'm completely humbled to receive this industry recognition,” Shah said. “If you asked me five years ago whether or not I would bet my career on a movie called Sharknado, I'm not exactly sure how I would have replied.”

Shah cut his teeth on intellectual property law as brand manager for Earthbound LLC, a licensing company whose primary client is the SyFy Channel. 

Two years ago, when Sharknado took the country by storm, Shah was in the eye of it. His position as brand manager called for him to be conscious of trademarking, licensing and copyright issues. “Every merchandising partner is required to execute a licensing agreement with Syfy,” he said, “and part of my role was negotiating all business points in these contracts.”

Shah graduated with a concentration in Intellectual Property. Currently he is studying for the bar exam and in August, he will join international licensing company Isaac Morris Limited as Vice President of Licensing & Marketing.

"The last four years, balancing an exciting career with evening classes at Seton Hall Law, have been the greatest years of my life thus far,” he concluded. “I cannot wait to begin my next chapter with Isaac Morris. I'm living proof that the cliché holds true: Choose a career you love, and you'll never work a day in your life."

Top photo: Courtesy of the Star-Ledger