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In the Spotlight   

Alex Yarbrough '15

#SHLSuccessStories: Alex Yarbrough '15

A series featuring members of the Seton Hall Law Class of 2015 and the next steps they will take in their legal careers

Our #SHLSuccessStories series highlights members of the Class of 2015 as they look back on their Seton Hall Law experiences.

Alex Yarbrough ’15 

Undergrad: Florida State University

Hometown: Lakeland, Florida

New position: Associate, Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP, New York 

Biggest lesson learned at Seton Hall Law: Practical skills are a huge part of what potential employers look for when they recruit. The substantial resources of Seton Hall Law allowed me to receive the requisite skills, networking contacts, and tools I needed to succeed in the New York Metro area market.

What will you miss most about Seton Hall Law? I had a fantastic experience with the Moot Court program at Seton Hall. I'll miss my teammates and alumni mentors who helped me along the way. 

Which Seton Hall Law professor had the greatest impact on you? Professor Thomas Healy had a significant impact on my law school career. Although I will be practicing corporate law, Professor Healy's Constitutional Law and First Amendment courses will remain my favorite in law school. 

Rebecca Hilgar '15Rebecca Hilgar ‘15

Undergrad: James Madison University

Hometown: Barto, Pennsylvania

New position: Associate, Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP, New York

Biggest lesson learned at Seton Hall Law: How and when to ask for help. I've always been a bit stubborn when it came to admitting defeat and reaching out for help from someone else. But when you are struggling in a law school class, the worst thing you can do is not try and clarify the issues as soon as possible. Asking a teacher or fellow classmate for clarification can be extremely beneficial, and the faculty and students at Seton Hall were always willing to help.

What will you miss most about Seton Hall Law? The free food and cocktails? Just kidding! I will definitely miss the friends that I have made throughout these past three years. 

Which Seton Hall Law professor had the greatest impact on you? It's a tie, between Professor Samuel Dworetsky, who teaches Patent Law, and Professor Frank Politano, who teaches Trademark and Unfair Competition. Both of these professors are adjuncts who have been working in their respective fields for many years. They teach students how to be successful in actual practice, not just in the classroom, and constantly incorporate their experiences into their lessons. 

Hayden Bricklin '15Hayden Briklin ’15

Undergrad: Marymount Manhattan College

Hometown: Cushing, Oklahoma

New position: Assistant District Attorney, Bronx District Attorney’s Office

Biggest lesson learned at Seton Hall Law: The value of listening. Objectivity is the greatest skill an attorney can possess and listening is the only way to see all sides of an issue.

What will you miss most about Seton Hall Law? The community. Seton Hall is wonderful at promoting academics and building social connections.  I learned the skills I needed to navigate the professional world through my experiences at Seton Hall.

Which Seton Hall Law professor had the greatest impact on you? Professor Philip Ross. Participating in the Juvenile Justice Clinic and learning from Professor Ross was my favorite experience at Seton Hall. Professor Ross emphasizes both legal skills and attorney ethics with his students. He is a wonderful instructor and mentor. I highly recommend the clinic to anyone who intends on practicing criminal law.

Dennis De Almeida '15Dennis De Almeida ‘15

Undergrad: Seton Hall University

Hometown: Kinnelon, New Jersey

New position: Associate, Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP

Biggest lesson learned at Seton Hall Law:  The combination of working hard, being kind, and networking will get you very far at Seton Hall Law and in life. Good grades will open a lot of doors, but having a professional support network makes all the difference.  I have connected with many successful alumni and I am always impressed at how eager they are to help the next generation of Seton Hall lawyers.

What will you miss most about Seton Hall Law?  Seeing my law school friends every week. Law school was tough, but going to class and being surrounded by friends and an awesome community made it much better. 

Which Seton Hall Law professor had the greatest impact on you?  Professor David M. White was my supervising attorney for the Investor Advocacy Project and he taught me a lot during my yearlong clinical experience.  From day one, he treated our clinic as a law firm and expected greatness from us.  He always went above and beyond and taught me how to be a better lawyer and person.  He was both a friend and a mentor.