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In the Spotlight   

Professor Emeritus Michael J. Zimmer

Seton Hall Law Remembers Michael J. Zimmer, Professor Emeritus

An integral member of the Seton Hall Law community for 30 years. Our beautiful building was his "labor of love."

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Emeritus Professor Michael J. Zimmer. Although he was teaching at Loyola Chicago Law School at the time of his passing, Professor Zimmer had been an integral part of the Seton Hall community for three decades, from 1978 until 2008, and served as the Associate Dean for four years.

His legacy is dramatically reflected in our welcoming building, the planning and creation of which was a labor of love for him. Our building -- in Professor Zimmer's vision, our campus -- remains a remarkable architectural creation due largely to that vision and his leadership.  

As for his intellectual legacy, it is enshrined in the numerous articles he published and in Cases and Materials on Employment Discrimination, the leading casebook in the field and still going strong after eight editions. And Professor Zimmer’s thoughtfulness about his teaching, his careful preparation, and his kindness and concern for students in and outside of class are remembered by generations of both Seton Hall Law alumni and the graduates of the three other law schools where he also taught.  

Employment and labor professors across the country and around the world remember him as a mentor and colleague, one who always found the time to critique works in progress and cheer the success of a projects well done. His passing has been mourned in many corners of the legal academy, including Loyola and the Workplace Prof blog.