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Professor Paula Franzese

Professor Paula Franzese: Inspiring Middle School Students

Professor Franzese is recognized not just as an acclaimed law professor, but as a volunteer who teaches life skills at a middle school in Cedar Grove

It’s not news that Paula Franzese, Peter W. Rodino, Jr. Professor of Law, is a gifted and acclaimed teacher of subjects like Property and Commercial law. Generations of Seton Hall Law students and law school graduates across the country know that. But it is news that blog has recognized Professor Franzese in its post, “20 Inspiring Women Who are Transforming the Way Kids Learn.” While the post recognizes her many accomplishments as a law professor,

…we are highlighting her for a different kind of work. Franzese somehow finds time to volunteer-teach middle school students once a week at the Saint Catherine of Siena School (which both of her children attended).

The innovative extracurricular program in which Franzese has taught for the past 16 years aims to give kids “life skills” that they wouldn’t otherwise get in the classroom. ‘We talk about integrity, we talk about virtue, and social justice, and social media,’...

In her own words, she explains her motivation to us, ‘The law is the most powerful instrument. As lawyers, we are uniquely able to use the law to be agents of change, champions of the underdog, voices for those yet to find their own and givers of hope. Love is always the motive, and in the right hands the law can be love made visible.’

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