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In the Spotlight   

2015 Summer Compliance Fellows

Stepping into the Compliance Officer's Role

Summer compliance fellowships enable Seton Hall Law students to understand how healthcare and life sciences companies shape business practices to meet internal standards and to comply with federal laws and regulations

This past summer, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Otsuka, and Novo Nordisk each sponsored a Corporate Compliance fellow, providing Seton Hall Law students with opportunities to gain experience in this in-demand field.

Compliance fellows interact with corporate executives, including general counsel and vice presidents of compliance, giving students insight into the in-house perspective of both departments. Students return to their second or third years bringing real-world experience to their health law classes, as well as heightened awareness of clients’ needs, especially valuable as they interview for their summer associate or full-time positions.

For the companies, compliance fellowships offer a potential pipeline of dedicated professionals as companies seek to identify well-prepared professionals who desire a career in compliance.

The Compliance fellows bring a range of experience and interests to their summer work. For instance, Chelsea Ott ’17, a fellow at Otsuka, was the Associate Editor of the Penn Bioethics Journal as an undergraduate at University of Pennsylvania and after graduation, was the Program Coordinator for the bioethics research funder, The Greenwall Foundation. Lindsay Sheely ‘17, a fellow at Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, previously worked full-time as an Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers, assisting clients in a variety of industries in executing Sarbanes-Oxley audit programs.

The participating corporations are generous in providing students with opportunities to engage in substantive and impactful projects. Tristan Potter-Strait ’17, a Compliance Fellow at Johnson & Johnson wrote of her work, “[I learned the] intricacies of health care compliance and the ways in which J&J has been innovative in balancing realistic business concerns and legislation.” As part of her responsibilities, Martina Yacoub ’17, a Compliance fellow at Novo Nordisk, Inc., observed and participated in advertising and promotional review activities, the process that life sciences companies undertake to ensure that product information is in compliance with company policy and Office of the Inspector General requirements.

Alexandra Pearsall ’16, a Compliance Fellow at Novartis, encapsulated her experience, writing, “I found that my background in health law proved very valuable to my fellowship because I was enough removed from the company to be able to provide an objective third-party perspective but also had sufficient experience with the relevant laws to contribute valuable insight. I truly felt that my opinions were appreciated during the entire summer.”

Pictured, from left, are Compliance fellows Lindsay Sheely ’17, New Jersey Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield; Tristan Potter-Strait ’16, Johnson & Johnson; Chelsea Ott ’17, Otsuka; and Martina Yacoub ’17, Novo Nordisk, Inc. Not pictured: Alexandra Pearsall ’16, Novartis.