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Loving the Law February 2016

Celebrating Love for the Law

A two-decade tradition inspired by Supreme Court Justice Cardozo, who said, "Love the law, and treat the law as if you love it."

Professor Paula Franzese and her first-year classes celebrated their love for the law during the week of February 15. The Loving the Law tradition began nearly 20 years ago, when Professor Franzese read Justice Cardozo's address to the first graduating of class of NYU Law School. Justice Cardozo told the new lawyers, "Love the law, and treat it as if you love it." That statement sparked Professor Franzese to launch “Loving the Law Day” at Seton Hall Law School.

“I love the law because I have seen how justice can be love made visible,” said Professor Franzese. “I want my students to feel that same respect, passion, and esteem for our craft.”

Loving the Law February 2016 Co-ChairsThe event’s Co-Chairs, Sunita Patel, Jason Sumbaly, (pictured, left and right), Theresa Dill and Nick Adzima are passionate about the meaning and magnitude of the event.

“The Loving the Law celebration is so powerful because it reminds us why we chose this profession, noted Sumbaly. “Our honoring those who have inspired us as we celebrate our love for the law guides us towards being powerful, happy and agents for making the world a better place.”

Throughout the week, a host of luminaries shared their experiences from the trenches and the higher ground. They included Raymond Brown, Jr., internationally renowned human rights advocate and trial attorney; ethicists Jeff Ullman and Marc Garfinkle; the Hon. Steven C. Mannion ’93, Federal District Court Magistrate; Mariellen Dugan ’91, General Counsel to New Jersey Resources Corporation and this year’s recipient of the Woman of Substance Award; Anthony Sodono, III ’90, Senior Partner of law firm Trenk, DiPasquale, Della Fera and Sodono; P.C.; Shoshana Schiff ’98, also a Partner at Trenk, DiPasquale and an honoree of the upcoming 2016 Alumni Dinner Dance; Victoria Flynn ’99, elected official; Willie Parker ’00, Newark City Solicitor; and David Calviello ’96, Bergen County Prosecutor.

Loving the Law has given me the opportunity to work with my peers to create an event that will support our class in our professional journey as lawyers,” added Theresa Dill. “It has created a setting where each of us can express ourselves through our God-given talents, the words that have resonated through us, and the examples that have come before us. I have gotten to know each member of our class better through these expressions and it has been a blessing.”

Co-Chairs Jason, Sunita, Theresa and Nick took care to commend the collaborative team-spirit of the event, noting the exceptional energy, camaraderie and generosity of the Loving the Law Committee: Ashley Hahn, Taylor Iodice, Preeya Varma, Randy Pearce, Omid Irani, Nick Falci, Jenna Clemente, Danielle Craft, Michael Cort, Alex Gacos and Zach Hansen, pictured below with Professor Franzese.

Loving the Law February 2016 committee