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In the Spotlight   

Angela Cooper Institute for Privacy Protection Fellow

Meet Angela, an Institute for Privacy Protection Student Fellow 2018-2019

The Institute for Privacy Protection is pleased to highlight our Student Fellows 2018-2019. Our Student Fellows will teach our unique curriculum in elementary and middle school. The curriculum includes the following topics: Introduction to Privacy, Digital Footprint and Reputation, Ads and Content, and Balancing Time Online vs. Offline. We anticipate that our current cohort will teach over 300 elementary and middle school children by the summer of 2019 in New Jersey and New York. Additionally, our Student Fellows will be integrally involved in our conferences and continuing legal education events.

Angela Cooper is in her 3L year for the 2018-2019 academic year.  Angela received her B.A. in Communications with a minor in Political Science. Then, she joined Teach for America where she taught at Academia De Niños. During this time, she earned her Master’s in Education from the University of Missouri- St. Louis. As a hobbyist of computers and gaming, when she arrived at Law School she knew she wanted to go into the field of Cybersecurity. Her first summer she spent at the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General working on COPPA cases. Recently, she has taken on work in other areas of Privacy including the GDPR. Angela strongly believes that the world needs to balance privacy and security concerns with our innovative and changing economy by becoming an educated citizenry.