Military-Affiliated Task Force

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As we continue to build a diverse and inclusive community, we are pleased to announce the creation of Seton Hall Law’s Military-Affiliated Task Force. We owe a debt to our veterans and their families for their service, and we wish to make a Seton Hall Law education available to them. The military will be well-served by Seton Hall Lawyers who volunteer to serve their country. As such, we aspire to honor those who are inspired to serve their country, while simultaneously taking a firm stand against discrimination.

Even while we see to support and honor those who serve their nation, it is my aspiration that this Task Force will acknowledge, oppose, and work to reverse the military’s limitations, discrimination, and, sometimes, mistreatment of service members based upon race, gender, sexual identity and sexual orientation. Discrimination is evidenced by the current administration’s ban on enlisting transgender soldiers. LGBTQ soldiers continue to fear that their careers will stall if they reveal their sexual orientation. The norms of basic human dignity and human rights demand that the protections afforded by the Supreme Court's decision in Bostock should extend to all employees, including those serving their country (albeit not through Title VII). Service members should be given every opportunity for which they are qualified irrespective of gender or race, including their intersection. Military cultural norms should not tolerate sexual assault (against men or women) nor discrimination; those who perpetrate these crimes should face severe sanction.


The Task Force will take the lead in ensuring that we remain mindful of our colleagues’ service and facilitate their success as civilians, and that we create opportunity for those who wish to serve in the future. It will also engage the challenges addressed above, providing support to our colleagues who have suffered discrimination in their service, and working to reverse practices and rules that perpetuate these norms. The Task Force consists of Law School senior administrators, SVA leaders, faculty and alumni who work together to coordinate a Law School-wide effort to ensure that student-veterans and Military-affiliated students are able to access high-quality services with ease.

The Task Force will provide thought leadership and guidance on the following issues:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Retention
  3. Financial Aid and VA Benefits
  4. Academic and career counseling
  5. Health and wellness support
  6. Education about barriers within the military, and pathways to making the military a place of equity, safety, and opportunity for all
  7. Engagement activities for student Veterans, Military-affiliated students, and their families
  8. Law School events to celebrate service such as Veterans Day and Memorial Day

The Task Force will also collaborate where appropriate with Seton Hall Law’s Health Justice clinic to facilitate access to legal services for veterans.