European Healthcare Industry Training: Compliance Certificate Program

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PROGRAM SCHEDULED for June 10-14, 2024 | Virtual
PROGRAM SCHEDULED for October 21-25, 2024 | In-Person |Paris, France




Seton Hall Law School and ETHICS—the International Society of Healthcare Ethics and Compliance Professionals—recognize the importance of offering professional development and continuing education opportunities to health care and legal professionals working for government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and those with a demonstrated financial need. To this end, efforts will be made to offer scholarships to individuals who will benefit professionally from attendance at the European Healthcare Compliance, Ethics & Regulation Certificate Program offered by Seton Hall Law School. Scholarships will be limited in number and will be awarded based on professional qualifications, financial need, application submission date, and availability of funds.

Gabor Danielfy, Leader and Visionary

Gabor DanielfyGabor Danielfy is the inspiration behind this scholarship. Gabor strived continuously towards excellence in ethics and compliance and inspired many others to continue his work. He was a respected leader and visionary in the global pharmaceutical and medical device compliance and ethics movement. Gabor worked with Seton Hall Law School to develop a rigorous core curriculum for the European Healthcare Compliance, Ethics & Regulation Certificate Program. The Program was launched in 2010, and is offered twice each year in Europe. Gabor passed away in 2011.

Gabor joined Sanofi as Vice-President and Global Compliance Officer at the beginning of 2011. In this leading role, he oversaw Sanofi’s Compliance Program, focusing on business integrity and anti-bribery. His health care scope encompassed the Prescription Drug business (including Generics), the OTC & Consumer activities, Animal Health, as well the Medical Devices and R&D activities.

Gabor had over twenty-five years of experience in the health care field. Prior to joining Sanofi, he worked for Johnson & Johnson in the Worldwide Office of Healthcare Compliance & Privacy (WWOHCC&P) as Senior Director for the Europe, Middle East & Africa regions. Before that, he was the Senior Director of Global Compliance & Business Practices for Europe, Middle East & Africa at Schering Plough, where he supported the corporate implementation of compliance programs and led a team of compliance officers. In those two roles, Gabor advised the regions’business leaders on various compliance issues. Prior to this, Gabor held various positions of increasing responsibility as Business Intelligence Analyst, Auditor, CFO, Sales Director, and General Manager in other health care companies including Merck & Co. and Bayer Pharma, and in different regions including Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

Gabor was based in Paris and studied at the Law and Economic Sciences faculty of Paris, and subsequently at Sciences Po Paris (Finance and Economics).

The European Healthcare Compliance, Ethics & Regulation Certificate Program

The pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries are increasingly facing a more challenging regulatory and enforcement landscape throughout Europe. The European Healthcare Compliance, Ethics & Regulation Certificate Program is an intensive, multi-day educational and training program that addresses the myriad of legal, regulatory, and compliance issues faced by pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device manufacturers doing business in Europe. This program combines substantive lectures with practical case studies to provide attendees with the knowledge and skills to enhance and expand their companies’ corporate compliance programs. Program dates, locations, and additional details may be found on the Seton Hall Law School European Healthcare Compliance Program website.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Each applicant must complete all sections of the attached scholarship application and

  1. Submit a completed application.
  2. Demonstrate a genuine interest in health care compliance as a career.
  3. Describe how this program will enhance the applicant’s career.
  4. Be available to attend the entire European Healthcare Compliance, Ethics & Regulation Certificate Program and participate in all sessions.
  5. Arrange for and fund own travel and accommodations to and from the Program. If selected, the program tuition shall be waived for the scholarship recipient; however, the scholarship will not cover or include any expenses related to travel or accommodations.
  6. Provide a demonstrated financial need. Please note that priority shall be given to those applicants in categories (a) and (b) below:

a) Employer is a governmental agency, nonprofit organization, or professional association without a budget for attendance at this training program;

b) The applicant, at the time the application is made, is unemployed and seeking employment in a compliance or related role; or

c) Employer is a for-profit company and the applicant has made a request for this training; employer has denied such request, and payment directly by applicant would cause an undue financial burden on the applicant.

Scholarship Selection

All applications shall be reviewed by a Scholarship Review Committee, which shall include one member from Seton Hall Law School and the Secretary General of ETHICS. The Committee reserves the right not to award a scholarship to a program in the event there are no qualified applicants or there is insufficient funding.


If you have any questions about the scholarship or the European Healthcare Compliance, Ethics & Regulation Certificate Program, please contact the Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law by phone at: (US) +1 973-642-8382 or by email: [email protected].