Seton Hall Law faculty and administrators are available to address all questions or concerns you may have about any aspect of your experience at Seton Hall Law – from academics and career planning to housing and counseling services. Our Deans are also here to assist you whenever you need.

Here’s how we can help. Call on us!

Dean Kathleen BoozangKathleen Boozang

Dean and Professor of Law

[email protected] | 973-642-8750

I am the final go-to person for our entire community, both internally and externally.  If you are uncertain about how to resolve a problem, or have an issue only I can address, or just want to say hello, please drop by.

Timothy GlynnTimothy Glynn

Senior Associate Dean and Andrea J. Catania Endowed Professor of Law

[email protected] | 973-642-8777

As an Associate Dean, I oversee the law school's budget and finances, healthcare compliance programs, and various other aspects of the administration and curriculum.. I am also a resource for JD students interested in compliance issues and the Compliance Concentration. As a professor, I teach Civil Procedure to first-year students, and Labor and Employment courses to upper-level students. I am available to assist all students who have questions or concerns.

Cara FoerstCara Foerst

Associate Dean for Academics

[email protected] | 973-642-8506

As Associate Dean for Academics, I oversee Student Services, Enrollment Services, Career Services, academic support and exams . I am here to ensure your Seton Hall Law experience is challenging and rewarding. I am happy to meet with students about any issues of concern. I want to support every student so that each of you fulfill your potential and reach your goals.

Dean and Professor Brian SheppardBrian Sheppard

Associate Dean for JD and Graduate Admissions and Professor of Law

[email protected] | 973-642-8867

My specialty areas include Admissions and Communications. I assist The Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technolgy and the Institute for Privacy Protection. I also run the Sports and Entertainment Externship Program. As for courses, I often teach first-year subjects like torts or professional responsibility and upper-level subjects like entertainment law. If you have questions about a career in sports or entertainment law or ideas about technology or legal theory, I'd love to hear them. But please feel free to ask me about anything.

Jennifer OlivaJennifer Oliva

Associate Dean for Faculty Research & Development, Professor of Law, and Director of the Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law

[email protected] | 973-642-8151

As Associate Dean for Faculty Research & Development, I support our faculty's innovative scholarship and teaching as well as assist the Center for Social Justice and Library. I oversee several of the law school's speaker series, which brings academics and practitioners to Seton Hall Law to share their expertise with our community. I also serve as the Director for the Law School's Center for Health & Pharmaceutical and, in that capacity, advise and assist students interested in pursuing careers in health care and life sciences law and policy. I have taught a variety of course courses, including Torts, Contracts, and Evidence, as well as several electives, including FDA Law, Pandemic Law & Policy, Neuroscience & the Law, Cannabis Law & Policy, and Veterans & Military Law. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime if I can be of any assistance and welcome to Seton Hall Law!