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Grading System   


Grading system used at the school of law


(Excellent) 4.33
A   4.00
A-   3.67
B+ (Above Average) 3.33
B   3.00
B-   2.67
C+ (Average) 2.33
C   2.00
C-   1.67
D+ (Unsatisfactory) 1.33
D   1.00
F (Failure) 0.00
P (Pass) 0.00
I (Incomplete) 0.00
WD (Withdrawal) 0.00
AU (Audit) 0.00
NR (No Record) 0.00
IP (In Progress) 0.00

A limited number of courses, primarily in writing, externship and moot court areas are graded on the Pass/D or Fail system. 

A grade of "I" (Incomplete) in any course means that the student has not completed the course requirements.  Such grades appear as "F" on the final transcript if the student does not complete the work within the prescribed time limits.  Generally, the time limit is the end of the succeeding semester, but it may be the end of the succeeding academic year in cases where the student must wait for the next regularly scheduled examination.

An unexecused student who fails to sit for a scheduled examination will receive a grade of "F".

Discretion Grades

In courses with anonymous grading, faculty may increase (positive discretion) or lower (negative discretion) an exam grade by 1/3 grade provided that the announcement that positive and/or negative discretion will be used is made to the class at the first two or three meetings, and provided further that the names of those awarded discretion are submitted to the Director of Academic Services by the last business day before exams. (The faculty have limited the use of discretion to only 10% of the class receiving positive discretion. Where the class is less than 10 students, one student may receive discretion).