Cybersecurity & Privacy Society

About Cybersecurity & Privacy Society

Current President(s): Nicholas Cohen - [email protected]

The Cybersecurity & Privacy Society (CPS) provides educational and networking opportunities for Seton Hall Law School students in both the cybersecurity and privacy fields. As society advances new technologies, from machine learning to the Internet of Things to Artificial Intelligence, the lawyers of tomorrow will face unprecedented legal challenges. The mission of CPS is to provide solutions to these challenges.

The goals of the Cybersecurity & Privacy Society (CPS) are: (1) educate students and legal professionals on contemporary legal challenges in the privacy and cybersecurity fields through various educational offerings including panel discussions and lectures from respected professionals; and (2) expose students to career options in the cybersecurity and privacy fields through networking events and educational programs.These goals align with the CPS mission of increasing student interest in innovative fields of the law while also strengthening Seton Hall Law’s reputation in the technology sector.

Board Members:

Vice President: Matthew Korwin - [email protected]
Treasurer: Wyatt Noble - [email protected]
Secretary: Domenica Cevallos - [email protected]
Weekend Liaison: Sarah Santos - [email protected]
SBA Rep: Jessica Wisowaty - [email protected]
Faculty Advisor: David Opderbeck - [email protected]