Employment Law Forum (ELF)

About Labor and Employment Law Forum (LELF)

Current President(s): Joanna Sowa - [email protected]

Labor and Employment Law is a highly relevant and significant practice area within the legal profession, and especially within the state of New Jersey. It is a broad field that governs all legally operative aspects of the workplace environment. The Labor and Employment Law Forum ("LELF") at Seton Hall University School of Law strives to educate students interested in this constantly evolving area of the law on all novel issues and developments they will need to know as they enter the labor and employment law practice. LELF accomplishes this objective by facilitating panel events and other opportunities for students to meet, interact with and learn from prominent local labor and employment law practitioners.

Board Members:

Vice President: Caroline Coulter - [email protected]
Treasurer: Mike Cresitello - [email protected]
Secretary: Joseph La Forte - [email protected]
PR/Social Media: Joann Sexton - [email protected]
Weekend Liaison: Open
SBA Rep: Alexander Walton - [email protected]
Faculty Advisor: Sullivan - [email protected]
Faculty Advisor: Timothy Glynn - [email protected]