First Generation Law Student Association

About First Generation Law Student Association

Current President(s): Sydney Binkley - [email protected]

First Generation Law Student Association (FGLSA) was founded in 2018.  FGLSA aims to create a community that will serve as a network for Seton Hall Law students who are the first in their immediate families to enter the legal field. Many first-generation law students encounter unique obstacles as they begin law school, and most attend law school with minimal guidance. Accordingly, FGLSA seeks to be a community of support and a home for such students along their journey to becoming first generation attorneys.  FGLSA implements educational and innovative events which tackle the various challenges faced by first-generation law students. FGLSA seeks to expand while providing its members a diverse and engaged experience during their time in law school and beyond regardless of their appearance, beliefs, or economic status. Membership is open to all students.

Board Members:

Vice President: Alysia Machlovitz - [email protected]
Treasurer: Andrew Scott - [email protected]
Secretary: Julia Michael - [email protected]
SBA Rep: Alexander Walton - [email protected]
Faculty Advisor: Angela Carmella - [email protected]