Immigration Law Society

About Immigration Law Society

Current President(s): Ruchi Behera - [email protected]

Co-President: Dara Brody - [email protected]

The Immigration Law Society is comprised of students interested in the growing practice of Immigration Law. The Society hopes to introduce students to the various areas of immigration law (such as Family-Based Immigration, Asylum Law, Removal Proceedings, and Business Immigration Law), as well as show how Immigration Law has the potential to intersect with other fields of law (such as criminal law, labor law, family law and constitutional law). The Society focuses on showcasing guest speakers from the field and hosting interactive events with various types of practitioners (such as immigration judges, attorneys from U.S. Department of Homeland Security, officers from U.S. Customers and Border Protection, defense attorneys, and representatives of public interest and charitable organizations). The Immigration Law Society’s aim is to expose students to current issues in Immigration Law (including new and revised legislation and executive orders) and hopes to provide interested students in various opportunities to get involved in this important field.

Board Members:

Treasurer: Nan Lin - [email protected]
Secretary: Jennifer Sadler - [email protected]
Social Relations Chair: Bailey McNamara - [email protected]
SBA Rep:
Faculty Advisor: Lori Nessel - [email protected]