Intellectual Property Law Association (IPLA)

About Intellectual Property Law Association (IPLA)

Current President(s): James VanCamp Jr. - [email protected]

Co-President: Matthew Korwin - [email protected]

The Intellectual Property Law Association provides students at Seton Hall Law with a forum to express interest in the fields of the arts, sciences, technology, and intellectual property law. The IPLA maintains a commitment to professionalism in these fields and hopes to enhance student interest in intellectual property law. The IPLA strives to provide students interested in intellectual property law with a path for networking and hopes to accomplish this goal by hosting events and panel discussions for students to meet and interact with IP professionals, Seton Hall faculty, and Seton Hall alumni. The IPLA keeps students abreast of current topics and issues in IP law and provides an open and able body for students to voice questions regarding IP law and IP classes offered at Seton Hall law such as Patents, Copyrights, and Trademarks.

Board Members:

Vice President of Litigation: Amelia Baijnath - [email protected]
Vice President of Prosecution: Nickita Alexiades - [email protected]
Vice President of Transactions: Nathaniel Johnson - [email protected]
Treasurer: Christian Allan - [email protected]
Secretary: Aditya Mishra - [email protected]
Marketing Chair: Jason Guan - [email protected]
Mentorship Chair: Thomas Feil - [email protected]
Outreach Chair: Bobby Stewart - [email protected]
SBA Rep: Nicholas Schwarz - [email protected]
Faculty Advisor: David Opderbeck - [email protected]