Nontraditional Law Student Association

About Non-Traditional Law Student Association

Current President(s): Shaindy Black - [email protected]

The Nontraditional Law Student Association at Seton Hall University School of Law was founded to create a community for nontraditional law students while articulating, promoting, and advocating for our needs and goals at the school. Our mission is to provide support to nontraditional law students at Seton Hall Law by creating an opportunity to build professional networks and learn from each other's experiences. This organization is open to all Seton Hall Law students who share its mission.

Board Members

Vice President: Karla Somoano - [email protected]
Treasurer: Myron Minn-Thu-Aye - [email protected]
Chair: Melisa Aguila-Rua - [email protected]
Social Co-Chair: Florencia DePaola - [email protected]
Social Co-Chair: Tanya Panossian-Lesser - [email protected]
SBA Rep: Maureen J. Camacho - [email protected]
Faculty Advisor: N/A