Women's Law Forum (WLF)

About Women's Law Forum (WLF)

Current President(s): Elizabeth Dennis - [email protected]

The Women's Law Forum is a student organization at Seton Hall University School of Law dedicated to providing a forum for awareness of women's issues in the legal profession and society. The WLF is comprised of both women and men, and is one of the largest and most active organizations in the law school. A number of highly influential attorneys and judges are former members of the Seton Hall Law Women's Law Forum. Through the Woman of Substance Award, WLF acknowledges the profound achievements made by women in the field of law as well as the continuous movement to dispel historical notions of protectionism and paternalism.

Board Members:

Vice President: Rosalena Morrell - [email protected]
Treasurer: Brittany Butler - [email protected]
Secretary: Caroline Coulter - [email protected]
Social Media Chair: Mailinda Hoxha - [email protected]
Events Committee: Casey Morrison - [email protected]
Events Committee: Rachel McDonald - [email protected]
SBA Rep:
Faculty Advisor: Paula Franzese - [email protected]

Upcoming and Past Events

There are currently no upcoming events.