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At Seton Hall Law, we believe it is important to provide students and alumni with one-on-one assistance and the resources to meet their personal and professional objectives. Here there is no single, one-size-fits-all strategy. Instead, we work with you each step of the way, along with offering a full slate of workshops, on-campus interviews, and career development programs, to help ensure you can meet your goals and fulfill your passion for the law.

How to make an appointment

We encourage you to make an appointment with our counselors by contacting the Office of Career Services at or 973-642-8746 and visit us in the Career Services suite.

Mock Interviews

The Office of Career Services highly recommends that you participate in the Mock Interview Program. Mock interviews offer you the opportunity to master the interviewing process, as you learn to build on your strengths, anticipate questions, and provide examples of the value you can bring. Senior Career Counselor Joseph Steinberg, former hiring partner of Lowenstein Sandler and Administrator of our Mock Interview Program, provides recorded in-depth mock interviews and extensive critiques so you can review and improve upon your skills. Interviews also are tailored to the career path you want to pursue, offered within the content of a law firm, judicial chamber, corporate law department, non-profit entity, or governmental agency.

To set up a session, please contact the Office of Career Services at 973-642-8746 or