Judicial Clerkships


Seton Hall Law has a strong record of placing students in judicial clerkships at both the federal and state levels.  Judicial clerkships provide invaluable access to all aspects of the judicial process.  The educational value of a judicial clerkship cannot be overstated, as in addition to the insider's view of the judicial system, most clerkships provide terrific experience in research, legal analysis and writing.  For these reasons alone, a clerkship is a worthwhile endeavor. 

Judicial clerkships can also provide the opportunity to develop better informed career choices, as well as provide an important credential in the job market.  In fact, more and more legal employers have expressed a strong preference for hiring applicants who have completed a judicial clerkship.  The weight a clerkship carries in the job market is not simply a function of how competitive it was to obtain, rather the clerkship itself is generally recognized to be a valuable and unique training experience.  Finally, a judicial clerkship can be a fun and rewarding experience.

If you have questions regarding judicial clerkships, please make an appointment with an OCS counselor by e-mailing or calling the Office of Career Services.