Marisa C. Nardelli

Marisa Nardelli

Marisa C. Nardelli, a 2L student, has channeled  her profound interest in healthcare into her law school journey at Seton Hall. With a biology background, she passionately focuses on health law. Marisa's tenure at Johnson & Johnson involved researching pharmaceutical laws and witnessing their real-world applications. Her upcoming summer role at Kirkland & Ellis in New York reflects her commitment to ensuring healthcare compliance in mergers and acquisitions.

What made you decide to attend law school? 

Law influences our daily lives without many even realizing it does. I decided to go to law school because I wanted to understand the law and aid others in navigating the complex legal network of this country.

Did you know that you wanted to concentrate/practice in health law when you went into law school? 

I have always been interested in healthcare. When I was in college, I majored in biology and wanted to go to medical school. Now that I am in law school, my natural interest in the biological sciences led me to learn more concerning health law.

What classes have you take thus far in the health care concentration that you found helpful or interesting? 

I am looking forward to taking Healthcare Access and Payment in the spring. While not part of the concentration, I have found Information Privacy Law helpful in understanding HIPAA and the implications of Artificial Intelligence in health law.

Can you talk about your time working with Johnson and Johnson and what you’ve done there?

Experiencing an in-house position with J & J was extremely interesting and rewarding. I researched new laws concerning the pharmaceutical industry and how they will affect the field in the future. In addition, I was able to accompany a pharmaceutical representative into the field and observe the application of current pharmaceutical marketing laws.

You’ve accepted a position with Kirkland & Ellis in New York for next summer, working in their health department- Can you talk a bit about what you’ll be doing there, if you know? 

At Kirkland & Ellis I will be helping to ensure mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare industry comply with all of the complex regulations within the healthcare field.

Do you have any advice for students who are seeking employment in health law?

My advice for anyone pursuing health law employment would be to show your interest in the health industry. Any experience or interest in the health or medical industry  will set you apart from many other law students.