Michelle Stern


MLS Spotlight: Michelle Stern, MSJ, MBA - A Trailblazer in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Meet Michelle Stern, a 2021 graduate of Seton Hall Law's MSJ program, whose remarkable journey in the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare sector has left a lasting imprint. Just four months post-graduation, Michelle secured a prestigious role as Global Marketing Category Manager at 3M, crediting her Seton Hall Law education for her success. Her daily responsibilities involve intricate contract negotiations and data analysis, skills cultivated during her studies. Beyond 3M, Michelle has embraced the role of an Associate Professor of Healthcare Marketing, imparting her wealth of knowledge. Her story is a testament to Seton Hall's transformative impact on aspiring professionals.

In the world of law, success knows no bounds, and Michelle Stern, a 2021 graduate of the Seton Hall Law Masters in Jurisprudence (MSJ) program, embodies this truth. With over 25 years of experience in the dynamic Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare field, Michelle's journey to becoming a Global Marketing Category Manager at 3M Healthcare is nothing short of inspirational.

Michelle's impressive career trajectory took an exciting turn just four months after she completed her MSJ program at Seton Hall Law. Her position as Global Marketing Category Manager at 3M Healthcare was not just another job; it was the result of her relentless pursuit of excellence and the invaluable knowledge she gained during her time at Seton Hall.

On a daily basis, Michelle finds herself immersed in the world of contracts and negotiations, working with marketing suppliers for 3M Healthcare. Her role demands precision, and Michelle's ability to navigate complex contractual matters is a testament to the skills she honed during her MSJ journey. Her expertise in data analysis and compliance knowledge, both acquired during her studies, have been instrumental in her work, ensuring 3M's healthcare division operates seamlessly.

However, Michelle's accomplishments don't stop there. Earning her MSJ has allowed her to expand her horizons even further, taking on the role of an Associate Professor of Healthcare Marketing for an on-line MHA program at a private for-profit college. Michelle leverages her professional expertise and experiences to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals. Her students benefit not only from her vast industry knowledge but also from the analytical and legal insights she gained from Seton Hall Law.

Speaking about her Seton Hall experience, Michelle emphasized the program's profound impact on her career. "The Masters in Jurisprudence program challenged me professionally and technologically, playing a direct role in my career advancement," she shared. The program's focus on contracts, complex problem-solving, critical thinking, data analysis, and compliance knowledge enriched her skill set in immeasurable ways. She has seamlessly integrated her knowledge of business protection, cost management, and legal safeguards into her role at 3M Healthcare, where her education is highly valued.

Michelle's advice to current students in the Masters in Legal Studies (MLS) program at Seton Hall Law is a testament to her unyielding spirit: "Do not limit yourself. Go out there and try! Seton Hall Law speaks for itself. The degree offers a depth of knowledge, but you have to possess the drive and passion to go after it to achieve what you want."

Michelle Stern embodies that drive and passion. While completing the MSJ program, she not only worked a full-time job that often required travel, but she also had the role of  a full-time, single parent to her daughter. Managing these roles and responsibilities while excelling in her coursework was no small feat. Michelle's secret? Exceptional time management and a fierce determination to meet program deadlines and maximize the benefits of her education. Sacrificing personal time was a small price to pay for the wealth of knowledge and professional growth she achieved.

In Michelle Stern, Seton Hall Law has a shining example of the extraordinary impact their programs can have on a dedicated student's career. As an alumna who has broken barriers and reached impressive heights, Michelle's story continues to inspire the entire Seton Hall Law community. Her journey reminds us all that with the right education, drive, and unwavering commitment, we too can shape the future of our chosen fields and the legal landscape at large.