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Center for Social Justice (CSJ)
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Fall 2021 & Spring 2022



Applications for CSJ Clinics are due by March 16, 2021, 12:00 p.m. 
Late applications will be accepted but priority is given to students who apply by this deadline.

Eligibility Requirements

Have you read the Clinical Courses Eligibility Requirements policy? You will not be able to submit this form unless you can certify that you have read and understand what is expected of you if accepted into a clinical course. 

, I have read the Clinical Courses Eligibility Requirements and understand the clinic requirements and what is expected of me.  

Please complete this application for any and all clinics in the Center for Social Justice. Apply by completely filling out all five sections of the APPLICATION FORM below. A confirmation message will be sent to the email address provided below. If not received, please check your SPAM folder.











If in this category, waiver request is a pre-requisite for all clinics.


Note: Preferred for some but not all clinics.
Please read course descriptions.


I recognize that clinical work takes a significant time commitment. I have read the description of work required for each of the clinics to which I am applying, and I am able to make the time commitment to perform an excellent job on behalf of my clients, notwithstanding AWR, work-related, or other obligations.









If yes, please indicate which clinic previously taken and in which semester:




Please explain why you wish to enroll in a clinical course by typing a statement of interest of no more than 250 words in the space below (do not attempt to attach files). In your statement, please discuss the type of experience you are hoping to get from a clinic to assist us in matching you with a clinic.

You may note your prior or intended future commitment to public interest work, or to the client base served by one or more of the clinics, or describe any special qualifications or interest you bring to one or more of the clinics. If you are requesting a GPA waiver, you should explain why it should be granted. You may also explain or clarify your answers to any of the other questions asked.


You will find a list of our current clinics below.  Full descriptions of the clinics are available on the law school website.  The scope of the clinics may change each year.  You will be provided with a description of a clinic's work if you receive an offer for the clinic.

Please rank the clinic(s) for which you wish to apply, in order of preference.  Please place a "1" next to your first choice clinic, a "2" next to your second choice clinic, up to "6" for your seventh choice.  Do not rank any clinic in which you would not want to enroll, though we encourage you to list multiple options, as clinic positions are in high demand and you may not get your first choice of clinic.  This means that you can apply to only one clinic (by placing a "1" next to that clinic), or you can apply to all 6 clinics (by placing "1" through "6" next to each of the clinics), or you can apply to some but not all of the clinics. If you are not interested in a clinic, select "N/A" next to that clinic.

Please note that weekend students will be given priority for the Health Justice Clinic, which will be offered as a weekend course.

We receive many applications and we try to accommodate as many students as possible.  Depending on the number of applicants, we may not be able to offer a clinical position to every student who applies. You are welcome to come to the CSJ to speak with the Director or Associate Director if you would like further guidance as to the application process.

  Civil Litigation and Practice Clinic

  Equal Justice Clinic

  Family Law Clinic

  Health Justice Clinic

Note: The Health Justice Clinic will be offered on the weekend and priority for the clinic will be given to weekend students graduating in 2021-22. The seminar for the clinic will be during the weekends when weekend courses meet.

  Immigrants' Rights/International Human Rights Clinic

  Impact Litigation Clinic

Note: Preference for students who submit a writing sample. After submitting this application, please submit a writing sample via email to [email protected]


Please note you must apply now for a clinical position in any or all semesters next academic year.
Select one of the following choices:



the Seton Hall Law School Registrar to release a copy of my transcript to the Center for Social Justice.

FILE Submission (resume)

Please email your resume to [email protected]
PDF only - Must save as "lastname_firstname_shuid_resume.pdf"

Please call 973-642-8700 if you have any questions, or e-mail us at [email protected].