Externship Registration for Students   

This form is for students interested in any externship.  Please note if interested in a Judicial Externship, student must receive a commitment for an externship with a particular Judge, then complete and submit the following form.

Faculty Director: Professor Kathryn Quaglia, [email protected]

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I understand that to be eligible for academic credit, I must meet the cumulative grade point average requirement (fall and spring semesters only), satisfy the applicable requirements for hours and work product, complete all class requirements, and attend the required classes. I understand that I am prohibited from taking any clinical course in the same semester, unless it is a summer semester, and I may not receive credit for a second externship with the same placement.

Credit Maximum Information

NOTE - The Registrar will be unable to add the externship to your schedule if you are already at or near the credit maximum for the semester (11 for part-time, 16 for full-time). If you need a course dropped, please complete the following and the Registrar will drop the course for you: