Externship Registration for Students   

This form is for students registering for an externship for credit. Students must receive a commitment for an externship from a specific placement before completing and submitting the following form.

Faculty Director: Professor Kathryn Quaglia, [email protected]

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• I understand that an externship is a weekly time commitment throughout the semester. I have considered my courseload for the semester and confirm that I can meet the demands of my attorney supervisor and my academic work.
• I understand that I cannot be compensated and receive credit for an externship.
• I understand that to be eligible for academic credit, I must be in good academic standing and must satisfy the cumulative 2.33 GPA requirement for fall and spring externships.
• I understand that to earn externship credit I must attend the required classes throughout the semester, complete all class requirements, and submit my hours and work product as required by the course syllabus.
• I understand that I am prohibited from taking a clinic in the same semester unless it is the summer semester and I have received approval from both the clinic director and the Director of Externships.
• I understand that I cannot receive credit for a second externship with the same placement unless I am doing work that is substantially different and have received permission from the Director of Externships.
• I understand that I may not register for more than one externship during the fall and spring semesters. If I am registering for more than one externship during the summer semester, I have received approval from both the Director of Externships and my externship placement site to ensure there are no conflicts.
• I confirm that I am not exceeding the eight-credit cap on externships and am aware that my externship credits count toward the fifteen-credit limit on non-classroom courses. • I understand that I can only register for three credits during the Summer semester and that I am limited to one, three-credit externship per summer.

Credit Maximum Information

NOTE - The Registrar will be unable to add the externship to your schedule if you are already at or near the credit maximum for the semester (11 for part-time, 16 for full-time). If you need a course dropped, please complete the following and the Registrar will drop the course for you: