South Orange/Maplewood

If you’re looking for a more suburban way of life – but with an urban flair – then the “two towns,” as they’re known, may be right for you.  Although you get the benefits of suburban living, you don’t give up all of the great parts of city life.


South Orange and Maplewood are racially and economically diverse communities with transplants from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Hoboken.  And the towns have a unique energy that comes from that diversity.

There are plenty of pubs, diners, and other places to get together with friends and enjoy a night out, as well as local shops and boutiques for browsing.  At any time of the day, you’ll find people strolling down Maplewood Avenue or South Orange Avenue enjoying all there is to offer in both places.


You can rent apartments in either a newly constructed or older building or a single-family house in this area.  Homes here are older and have the charm you expect to find in Tudor, colonial, and Victorian homes.

Anyplace you live is walking distance to the train, but jitney service to and from each station is also available.


Maplewood and South Orange are on the New Jersey Transit Mid-Town Direct train line which has a stop at the Broad Street Station in Newark.  You can walk to the law school from there or take the NJT light rail, which also stops at Broad Street.

Drivers easily get to Newark from South Orange/Maplewood on local roads or highways too.  South Orange Avenue and Springfield Avenue take you right into downtown Newark, but you can also take I-78 or I-280 if the need arises.


These communities have active recreation departments, theater companies, and community festivals.  Town-wide celebrations for Independence Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve, among others, dot the calendar and residents from both places come out for the fun. 

A great addition to that line-up is the annual Maplewoodstock festival each summer where local bands play through the afternoon and into the night for a relaxed, but appreciative crowd, right in Memorial Park.  Local partiers bring lunch, dinner, and drinks for the occasion.

You can also enjoy the South Orange Performing Arts Center (SOPAC) which brings top singers, performers, comedians, and theater to the area along with first run movies in a fully modern theater.


South Orange and Maplewood are served by a number of different banks, dry cleaners, food stores, and restaurants.  Each town has its own pool residents can join for a fee, and you can also take advantage of libraries in both places. 

For more information about life here, check out www.maplewoodonline.com.