Student Bar Association   

About Student Bar Association

Current President(s): Michael Wuest - [email protected]

The Student Bar Association represents the Student Body of Seton Hall University School of Law in promoting student interests and advocating for student life and academic concerns. Specifically, the SBA serves as the governing body of the student organizations while acting as a liasion to the administration on behalf of the students.

Board Members:

Vice President - Terrell Paige - [email protected]
Weekend Vice President - Dorian Minond - [email protected]
Secretary - Samantha Hourican - [email protected]
Treasurer - Estefania Pugliese-Saville - [email protected]
Social Chair - Jessica Kriegsfeld - [email protected]
Parliamentarian - Hyisheem Calier – [email protected]


4LW - open
3L - Andrew Nees - [email protected]; Matthew Morales - [email protected]; Patricia Donovan - [email protected]; Thomas Rowland - [email protected]; Vincent Ferrara - [email protected]
3LW - Megan O’Malley - [email protected]; Matthew Anderson - [email protected]
2L -  Alan Yomtobian - [email protected]; Charles Abraham - [email protected]; Donald Irons - [email protected]; Marissa Groenendaal - [email protected]; Anna Bock - [email protected]    
2LW - Alyssa Duffy - [email protected]; Dennis Schuck - [email protected]
1L -   Alexandra Pilla - [email protected]; Antonio DiMeglio - [email protected]; Hannah Nagy - [email protected]; Isabella Smith - [email protected]; Julia Wood - [email protected]; Labiba Salim - [email protected]; Melanie Egas - [email protected]; Taylor Castaneda - [email protected]du
1LW - Joseph Keller - [email protected]

Upcoming and Past Events