Pre-Legal Eligibility

To be eligible for this program, New Jersey residents of African American, Latino, Native American or Asian descent, or other presumptively disadvantaged background must be enrolled as students in Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Programs at a college or university, or must be EOF eligible. Students should have completed two years of college prior to applying for admission. PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must be New Jersey residents. In addition, students who have graduated from college are INELIGIBLE for consideration.

The following criteria is used to assess applications: 

  1. grade point average (GPA) (a minimum of 2.5)
  2. on site interview
  3. writing sample*
  4. recommendations from academic advisers and professors
  5. educational background and work experience, if any. 

Students who may not meet these criteria may be given consideration at the discretion of the Project Director. All applicants are required to be interviewed and to submit a copy of their official transcripts.

Please note that the Director has no discretion to waive the residency requirement or the requirement of current college student status.

*Please note that the Writing Sample referred to above is administered during the on-site interview process. Therefore, submission of independent writing samples by the applicants is neither necessary nor required.