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How to submit GRE test scores

Beginning with the 2020 incoming class, prospective JD students may submit GRE scores for law school admission at Seton Hall Law School. GRE scores may be submitted directly through ETS using the Designated Institution (DI) Code 4717. Applicants must also create an account with the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) to submit the application, personal statement, letters of recommendation and any addenda.

  • Does Seton Hall Law have a preference for one test over the other?

    No. We accept either test and there is no advantage for submitting one test over the other.

  • Which GRE test score should I submit?

    Students should submit all scores that are up to five years old.

  • Is there a minimum GRE score required for admission?

    All applications are reviewed in a holistic evaluation process taking into consideration both traditional (all transcripts, LSAT or GRE score) and nontraditional (resume, work experience) elements.  Our current median undergraduate GPA is 3.49 and current median LSAT is 158. 

  • How should I submit my GRE scores?

    Indicate Seton Hall Law School as a recipient of your test scores through ETS. Seton Hall Law School's Designated Institution (DI) Code is 4717.

  • Do I have to submit a CAS report if I only take the GRE?

    Yes. Seton Hall Law requires a CAS report from all applicants regardless of whether they take the GRE, the LSAT, or both.

  • If I take both the GRE and LSAT, am I required to submit my GRE scores?

    You are not required to submit your GRE score, and you may submit only your LSAT scores if you prefer. Seton Hall Law will automatically receive all LSAT scores through your CAS report. You may, however, submit scores on both tests.

  • If I submit both GRE and LSAT scores, how will those scores be considered?

    Seton Hall Law reviews applications using a holistic approach. With respect to the dimension of our review that specifically concerns standardized testing, we give the LSAT score weight when applicants have taken both tests. In those instances, however, the GRE score is also considered as an aspect of the application, just as other dimensions of the application are considered.

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Important Dates

  • General Admission Priority Deadline (Applications/Deposits Frequently Accepted After This Date)
  • Legal Education Opportunities (LEO) Deadline
  • Financial Aid Priority Deadline
  • First Tuition Deposit Due
  • Second Tuition Deposit Due
  • Transfer Application Deadline