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High Bar Passage Rate in New Jersey and New York   

High bar passage rates from Seton Hall Law Students

Seton Hall Law: A singular success story in bar passage and legal employment

A Seton Hall Law degree is a great investment, whose value continues to increase over time. And the return on investment starts immediately upon graduation. Our graduates’ bar pass and employment rates in both New York and New Jersey are a testament to a Seton Hall Law education.

Extraordinary Bar Passage Rates

Seton Hall Law graduates’ July 2015 bar pass rates surpassed state averages in both New Jersey and New York.

Seton Hall Law’s bar pass rates far exceed New Jersey overall pass rates and rank among the top 4 schools in New York, where approximately 75% of Seton Hall Law graduates take the state bar exam.

 New Jersey Bar Pass Rates - Seton Hall Law 90.4%

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 New York Bar Pass Rates - Seton Hall Law 86.7%

Impressive Employment Outcomes

Strong bar passage rates are only one part of the value proposition: Seton Hall Law graduates have great employment outcomes and amazing careers.

As reported by the ABA, Seton Hall Law’s employment rate ranks it 1st in New Jersey and 4th among New York area law schools.

Seton Hall Law follows a formula that delivers immediate value for its new graduates – a strong curriculum, countless on-the-ground learning opportunities, and engaged teaching – which naturally result in great bar outcomes.

Summing up the Seton Hall Law story, Dean Kathleen M. Boozang observed, “Seton Hall Law is bucking every national trend. Our graduates pass whatever bar they take, and they find meaningful employment to launch their careers of choice. Seton Hall Law has been quietly building an outstanding law school for years, and now people are starting to take notice. Bar and employment statistics speak volumes about who we are and the value we offer our students.”

Seton Hall 95.36% Total Employment Rate

 Exceeding New Jersey overall bar pass rates and rank top 4 among New York law schools.

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