Alum Spotlight: Masha Goodman-Khan, MSJ

Masha Goodman-Khan, MSJ - Forging a Path in Healthcare Compliance.

Alum Spotlight: Masha Goodman-Khan, MSJ - Forging a Path in Healthcare Compliance and Legal Operations

Masha Goodman-Khan, a distinguished graduate of our esteemed law school's Masters in Jurisprudence program, exemplifies the power of interdisciplinary education in shaping a dynamic career. In 2021, Masha completed her program, earning a dual concentration in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law and Compliance, as well as Hospital & Health Law. Her journey since graduation, leading her to theher current role as the Director of Compliance & Legal Operations at Vericel in Cambridge, MA, serves as an inspiring testament to the program's transformative impact.

A Unique Journey to Legal Studies.
Before embarking on her academic and professional journey in legal studies, Masha earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, intending to pursue a career in medicine. Her early career experiences, coupled with a desire to deepen her knowledge of the intricate legal landscape surrounding healthcare, motivated her to pursue a Masters in Jurisprudence. She recognized that the program's specificity and tailored courses were directly applicable to her daily work experiences, making it an ideal choice for her professional development.

Nurturing Professional Growth: The Power of Networking.
Drawing from her own journey, Masha has invaluable advice for current students. She emphasizes that, while the program equips students with a wealth of knowledge, nothing guarantees job placement. Masha underscores the abundance of organizations catering to various interests within the legal sphere and urges students to start building professional relationships while still in the program. In her own words, “Network, join different organizations, seek out professional mentors, and work hard. Good luck tends to favor hard work.”

Masha's perspective challenges conventional wisdom: "Don't assume that just because someone has done it longer, that they are automatically doing it better.” She feels that everyone should continue to learn and that we should challenge the ideology that new students lack valuable insight. This mindset has undoubtedly fueled her ambition and growth in her field.

Program Design: Building a Strong Legal Foundation.
Reflecting on her time in the Masters in Jurisprudence program, Masha commends the program's design for creating legitimacy and imparting a robust legal foundation. The curriculum's structure, which begins with foundational courses such as Intro to Law, Torts, Business Law, and Constitutional Law helped pave the way for students to delve into concentration-specific courses. These courses were not only intellectually stimulating but also directly relevant to Masha's current and future career aspirations. They offered fresh perspectives on the healthcare landscape, revolutionizing her approach to hospitals and healthcare compliance.

In her present role, Masha plays a crucial role in corporate policy development, contract review, and guiding colleagues to navigate complex federal, state, and local regulations. Her expertise helps her organization conduct programs and initiatives within industry requirements.

A Vision for the Future.
Masha's journey is far from complete. Her long-term goal is to ascend to the position of Chief Compliance Officer, a testament to her dedication to ensuring ethical and lawful practices within her organization and the broader healthcare industry.

Masha Goodman-Khan's trajectory from a background in health science to her current leadership position as Director of Compliance & Legal Operations is an embodiment of the transformative potential of a Masters in Legal Studies. Her journey underscores the importance of networking, seizing opportunities, and challenging conventional wisdom. We are proud to count Masha as one of our distinguished alumni, and we eagerly anticipate her continued success in the field of healthcare compliance and legal operations.