AWR Electronic Submission Form   

AWR Electronic Submissions Instructions

(for students and faculty)


Prior to students submitting their AWR paper to their professor, please make sure to include a cover page in the same format as follows:





This paper is submitted to Professor ___________ [NAME OF PROFESSOR] in partial satisfaction of the requirements of _______________________ [NAME OF COURSE, JOURNAL OR INDEPENDENT STUDY].

This paper is submitted in satisfaction of the Seton Hall Law School's Advanced Writing Requirement and is approved for AWR certification.


All AWRs are published in the Law School's ERepository for permanent access.  If you do not want your paper published there, please check below.


___ I do NOT desire this paper to be put in the ERepository.

___ I DO desire this paper to be put in the ERepository.

Preferred name for publication in the ERepository: _____________



Faculty who are submitting certifications and papers electronically to the Enrollment Services Office should do so by employing one of the two following methods that will ensure integrity of the process:

  1. The certification must come from the faculty member's Seton Hall email account, or

  2. The faculty member must fill out the certification form using the Word "track changes" function which will indicate to us that it is the faculty member, rather than the student, who has completed the certification form.

Faculty should submit their certifications and the attendant papers to an email account set up specifically for this purpose: [email protected].