CLE Financial Assistance   

Seton Hall University School of Law recognizes the importance of offering continuing legal education opportunities to attorneys practicing in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. To this end, an effort will be made to offer scholarships to individuals who will benefit from the continuing legal education programs offered by Seton Hall University School of Law.

Scholarships will be limited in number and amount (not to exceed 50% of tuition) and will be awarded based on financial need, professional qualifications, availability of funds and date of application.

Please complete all sections below and if you have any questions about the scholarship or continuing legal education, contact Rosa Alves, Assistant Dean at 973-642-8187 or

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Program Information
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Professional Information
Briefly describe your job/role and your responsibilities within your firm, department or division and include information related to your interest/experience in the field of the proposed Program(s):
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 the information provided in this application is true and you may contact my supervisor/employer as listed above.