Graduation Application   

Student Information





I hereby apply for graduation in the ( ) of ( ) for the degree of ( ) .

Employer Information


Diploma Information

The name on my diploma is to be printed as follows: (First Middle Last)
* Please note: If you are listed under a different name than what appears on law school records, you must submit documentation of your official name change with this application. (e.g., a copy of your driver's license)


Credits Completed

I will have completed ( credit hours as of the ( semester and have registered for ( credit hours.

As a JD degree candidate, I will be completing a concentration in  (does not apply to MSJ/MLS and/or LLM graduates) after the semester/year.

I acknowledge that I am responsible to ensure that I will have completed ALL graduation requirements by the time of graduation and will have also satisfied any and all debts to Seton Hall University School of Law.