Religious Observance Recording   

Religious Observance

September 29, 2019 (evening) Rosh Hashana
September 30, 2019 (day/evening) Rosh Hashana
October 1, 2019 (day/evening) Rosh Hashana
October 8, 2019 (evening) Yom Kippur
October 9, 2019 (day/evening) Yom Kippur
October 13, 2019 (evening) Sukkot
October 14, 2019 (day/evening) Sukkot
October 15, 2019 (day/evening) Sukkot
October 16, 2019 (day/evening) Sukkot
October 17, 2019 (day/evening) Sukkot
October 18, 2019 (day/evening) Sukkot
October 19, 2019 (day/evening) Sukkot
October 20, 2019 (day/evening) Sukkot/Shmini Atzeret
October 21, 2019 (day/evening) Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah
October 22, 2019 (day/evening) Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah

If you will not be attending class because of religious observance on dates when classes are in session, and would like your classes recorded, please list them below.

(Note): The Law School cannot guarantee that classes will be recorded successfully. If a class recording fails, you will be notified via email.



Religious Observance Dates