Waitlist Response Form

Thank you for your continued interest in Seton Hall Law. Please use the following page to confirm your interest in reserving a space on our waitlist for the entering class. You may use this form more than once. If, for example, your flexibility to be considered for an alternate division changes, you would like your file to be actively considered for a longer period of time, or you would like to remove your name from consideration, simply resubmit the form. The admissions office will update your information with your latest response.


What is the wait list and how is it used?

Seton Hall Law receives a significant number of applications for admission each year. Some strong candidates may not be selected for immediate admission as we seek to assure that the class we enroll is not too large. We expect that a number of individuals initially admitted will decline our offer and will elect to attend another institution or choose another career opportunity. Thus, the wait list is established to provide a means through which other well-qualified applicants may be selected for admission should openings in the class occur.

What steps do I need to take now?

You must complete and submit the form above. You have the option to remain on or be removed from the wait list. If you do not submit the form, we will assume your disinterest in remaining on our waitlist. If you choose to stay on the wait list, you will remain on the wait list until the date you request on the online response form, unless: 1) we notify you that the class is full, or 2) you notify us that you are no longer interested in attending Seton Hall Law. NOTE: Choosing an early date on the form does not improve your chances of admission off the waitlist. In fact, increased flexibility on your part to consider an offer of admission as late as mid-August, or in an alternate division, is the best way to improve one’s chances of admission.

How am I kept informed as to my status on the wait list?

We will only inform you if we can extend an offer of admission to you, or if we are “releasing” the waitlist once the class is deemed full. Otherwise, if you do not hear from us, you can assume that your file remains in active consideration. You can feel free to contact our office to inquire as to whether or not we will use the waitlist. Keep in mind however, that the vast majority of waitlist activity will not take place until May or June.

Is the wait list ranked?

The wait list is not ranked and all candidates are considered for admission when the opportunity for additional offers occurs.

How does the wait list process work?

The wait list will remain active until the start of classes. From mid-May until mid-August, we will monitor the status of the members of the class. If an admitted student withdraws from the class or decides to decline their admission offer, we will decide whether to offer that vacancy to someone on the wait list. We do not extend offers after classes begin.

What are my chances of being admitted?

There are many variables affecting this process and it is extremely difficult to predict the outcome. Each year is unique. There are years when very few candidates on our waitlist will receive an offer of admission, but in some years, the majority of candidates may receive a favorable reply.

Can I submit additional material to strengthen my file?

We encourage you to submit any information that you believe will strengthen your application. Everything that is submitted will be reviewed and considered. Generally, the most helpful additional information will be updated academic transcripts (to be submitted to your LSAC credentials file), or an update on your professional and community achievements. Additional letters of recommendation can be submitted as well. The quality of your updates, and not the quantity of them, will be most helpful during the review of your file.

What about coming for a visit?

We encourage you to come for a visit of the law school. Please keep in mind, however, that we do not offer interviews as part of our admissions process, so the primary benefit of a visit will be for you to learn about our law school. Candidates offered admission to the law school, particularly later in the process, may have a shorter window of opportunity to consider their offer of admission prior to a required seat deposit, so scheduling a more relaxed visit prior to a final decision being made is encouraged.

How will you notify me if I am accepted from the wait list?

If we are able to extend an offer of admission to you, we would send you an official offer in writing. Please make sure our office has the most updated contact information for you, particularly if you relocate over the summer months.

What about financial assistance for candidates selected from the wait list?

Most candidates admitted off the waitlist will receive eligibility for government educational loans. Students applying for need-based funds and/or educational loans are required to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).