Eric Gallant '24

Meet Eric Gallant ’24: Center for Social Justice Scholar

Eric Gallant ’24 was led to Seton Hall Law by his commitment to helping others. In 2017, Eric entered Norwich University and earned a commission into the U.S. Army. In his junior year, he pivoted in his career and decided to take the LSAT. He began his legal path in 2021 at Seton Hall and will begin active-duty service as a JAG in the Army upon graduation in 2024.

Gallant has focused his advocacy on the issues of domestic violence and veteran’s advocacy. “I see no value in attaining a degree with the ability to work in any field, specialty, or focus, without allowing that ability to give hope to those groups who cannot afford private legal services,” says Gallant. His professional career started early in the spring semester of his 1L year when he joined the Courtroom Advocate’s Program (CAP) to assist survivors of domestic violence file petitions for final orders of protection. After assisting several individuals with claims during the 1L year, he took over as Seton Hall’s CAP coordinator for 2022-23.

His first legal summer was spent with Public Counsel, a California-based non-profit, in the Center for Veterans Advancement. During that internship, he was able to help the veteran community that meant so much to him. Gallant quickly realized that lack of funding is a significant obstacle that pro bono organizations face. He was able to coordinate with a New Jersey psychiatrist to partner with Public Counsel in providing pro bono expert services and helped several of the clients adequately support their legal claims.

As a 2L, Gallant began interning with the Honorable Jodi Lee Alper, New Jersey Chancery Judge for Essex County Vicinage. He continues his position as CAP coordinator and assists additional survivors with their petitions. He finds this line of work the most rewarding experience in his academic career.