Jamie Mitrovic '24

Meet Jamie Mitrovic ‘24: Center for Social Justice Scholar

Jamie Mitrovic ’24 is committed to public interest by way of focusing on compliance in environmental and energy law matters, while also serving BIPOC and other minority communities around the tri-state area and beyond. More specifically, her primary plan in the public service field revolves around the intersectionality of environmental harms, disproportionate access to public services or environmental goods, and its subsequent public health effects; all of which disproportionately affect BIPOC and minority groups.

A legal career in renewable energy, the environment, and sustainability was uncovered by mere coincidence of her surroundings. Growing up between Nutley, New Jersey and Tela, Honduras established her desire of maintaining an ethical way of life, particularly due to witnessing the disparities in the elusive utility systems (electricity, water, AC, heat).

This motivated Mitrovic to become the President of the Environmental and Energy Law Society and organize a fundraiser for the Newark Water Coalition. Many students at Seton Hall Law are Newark residents, and thus, the local water pollution issues are also our student body’s issues. The Newark Water Coalition aims to support public control of all water systems, transparency on lead health data in water and soil (even after Newark has replaced all lead pipes in record pace as of a few years ago), restoration of Land and fishing rights on the Wanaque and Pequannock reservoirs for Lenni Lenape people, and establish a Newark Water Reservoir based curriculum to be taught in Newark Public Schools. During her 2L spring semester, she is advocating for ratepayers by working with the Rate Counsel of New Jersey.

Overall, Mitrovic wants to engage and empower individuals and students of all backgrounds in realizing they can create a more just and sustainable community in the very place they call home, whether that be the State of New Jersey, the City of Newark, or beyond.