Shaindy Black ‘25

Meet Shaindy Black ’25: Center for Social Justice Scholar

Shaindy Black ’25 is a first-generation weekend law student jointly pursuing her Master of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania. She plans to practice Family Law using a trauma-responsive approach.

Her decision to ground her law degree in the study of clinical Social Work stems from the conviction that an attorney's job extends well beyond the courtroom. She understands that client issues expand outside the litigation framework and has seen first-hand how important it is for legal professionals to understand family dysfunctions and dynamics thoroughly.

"Family law is an integration of both the Family and the Law. To successfully resolve cases and help people move on with their lives, it is essential to fundamentally incorporate both aspects. A client who struggles with basic needs or health issues will be hindered in their participation in their lawsuit, often to their detriment. Clients who feel unaligned with their attorney are more likely to self-sabotage their circumstances. I feel that lawyers are responsible to become aware of these external case influences, from both humanistic and fiscal standpoints."

Black is committed to protecting the constitutional rights of both parents and children. She has studied child welfare and she has interned at community mental health agencies, child advocacy centers, and family court. As a CSJ scholar, she looks forward to sharing her perspectives regarding the holistic incorporation of clients' legal and social needs.