Gaia Bernstein

Professor Gaia Bernstein Publishes Op-Ed in The Hill "California is right: Addictive tech design is not free speech"



November 7, 2023

Professor Gaia Bernstein recently had her Op-Ed "California is right: Addictive tech design is not free speech" published in the Hill. In this Op-ed she writes about the dangerous attempt of tech companies to characterize addictive design as speech protected under the first Amendment.

"When tech companies argue against policies such as the Age-Appropriate Design Code, they twist the narrative to serve their purposes. A growing chasm is evident between public perceptions of the First Amendment’s purpose and the interpretations emerging from courtrooms." - Professor Gaia Bernstein

Tech companies raise First Amendment arguments to enjoin laws designed to protect kids from the harms of addictive design. Recently, a court enjoined the enforcement of the California-Age-Appropriate Design Code on First Amendment grounds.

"The injunction and its citing of First Amendment violations is a dangerous step away from safeguarding our children’s futures. The design of platforms should not hide behind the veil of “free speech.” - Professor Gaia Bernstein

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